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How to Prepare or Acquire Best Dog Food for Yorkies


For any pet lover, you will realize the need for proper feeding of your pet to ensure good growth and nourishment. This is not different for owners of Yorkies, a dog breed which has a small size and hence requires care. Its food can be either homemade or bought from the supermarket but the difference in the composition should not be that different as the nutrients and texture. This matter like the one should have proper knowledge on how to feed a Yorkie. Some dog may reject the food that is a clear indication that the food is not pleasing.


As you see from the Yorkie, its mouth is small and hence has no capability of chewing big chunks of food material. If you offer large bits of dog food to the Yorkie, you may end up starving it to death. Another problem that is posed by large pieces of dog food is the danger of choking. The Yorkie is a relatively small dog breed and its anatomy cannot be compared to other dogs. Dog food for Yorkies also needs to be small bits to avoid stomach upsets. Dogs do not chew food like humans and hence require smaller chunks to ensure good digestion.


For any dog, protein is a major food. Dog food for yorkies also requires the same large amounts of proteins in their food so as to ensure healthy growth. At a point, where the Yorkies seem to reject their food, indicates that there is a problem with the composition of food. Lack of enough protein leads to weak Yorkies with their fur looking bad and can reduce their life. To ensure that the food is of good quality, you should ensure you read the composition of the food and if you prepare yourself meat should be present.


Supplements are also necessary for the best dog food for Yorkies. They are present in different vitamin and mineral formulations. They ensure that the Yorkie's body can fight diseases efficiently.


An important factor when feeding the Yorkies is that they only require dry kibble. It is recommended because wet foods tend to stick to their teeth. This is not desirable as it might cause tooth decay and cavities. This may later cause feeding problems as the pain may hinder proper chewing of the food. It can cause health deterioration and shorten the life of the dog. Know how to feed a yorkie here! 


Yorkies are good friends to human and that calls for decent feeding to ensure that the pet lives longer and grows healthier every single day. The above tips are necessary to ensure proper feeding for your Yorkie. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoIHhdwLH_o for  more info about dog food.